How To Guide


Learn how to maximize your experience at ZOLL Expo.


Download our guide to learn how to:
Access the App

Access Available Features – Content features

  • How to edit my profile?
  • How to manage my availability?
  • How does the event agenda work?
  • How to view my personal event schedule?

Access Available Features – Networking features

  • How to network?
  • How to chat?
  • How to search for a particular profile?
  • How to request a meeting?
  • How to accept a meeting request?
  • How to do a virtual meeting?


I am having problem with my audio, what can I do?

Audio-If you are not hearing audio please click the headphones and then click on the blue bar in the speaker view (top right hand column).

How can I make the slides larger?

You can click on the slides and speaker view to expand the size of the slides

I am viewing the session in Explorer, is that the best browser to use?

We find it best to experience the platform and view sessions in the Chrome browser, if you are having trouble seeing the session please try refreshing your browser as well.

How can I ask the speaker a question?

Questions can be asked by going to the Q&A to the right of your screen. Questions will be answered at the end of the session.